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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Commissioned Card for a Grandson

The same lady wanted another card for another grandson into animals so out came the Crafter's Companion Boys' CD and I made this card (I have to admit I fluffed up the first attempt of the frame so had to do it twice). As the little boy is only 3 I decided not to do the leaves by wrapping in wire and instead had some leaves printed on paper so I cut them out and used them instead. I like this one so much I don't want to give it away!!!

Commissioned Card for a Grandson

I was asked to make a card for a lady's grandson so I got out my Crafter's Companion Boys' CD as he was into animals.

Engagement Card

I needed to make an engagement card for the couple that got engaged on Concorde from the Aunt and Uncle. I wasn't up to doing much today so trawled My Craft Studio Garden of Romance and also used a bottle template I had.

October Card Swap

Our monthly card swap has been changed this month so that we all send them to a family that are going through a hard time as their little boy is poorly and it's a huge strain on the whole family. I was given the little girl to make a card for but I also chose to make the Mum and Dad a card as well to send them my best wishes. For the first card I used Crafter's Companion Girls' CD and for the second I used Artylicious Season's Greetings CD.


One of my customers informed me that her daughter and her boyfriend had been to Duxford on Sunday and he proposed to her. She accepted so I made this card for the Mum to give to her daughter. It took me such a time to make the verse up as I was rubbish at poetry at school and wanted the words to have a connection with Concorde. As per usual I used My Craft Studio to help me to make this card.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

All my craft stuff moved

I had a brain-wave the other week to put all my unmounted rubber stamps into CD cases so that I can easily access them. My husband was going to make me a little shelf but in the end I remembered I'd given one to one of my sons and he didn't use it. He allowed me to have it back so my husband wanted to put it on the wall on Thursday so I had to remove some things. I'd also mentioned that the coffee table which houses a lot of stuff was feeling a bit wobbly so he strengthened that as well. This meant I had to completely removed everything off it so it could be done. This is a picture of the dining room table with everything on. It's now all back in place as he did the work need. I've just got to sort out the rest of the stamps into cases that I've now bought as I'd run out of recycling cases from audio CDs that are in a case in the car. At least I should be able to find things better when sorted and that might encourage me to do more stamping - or I might do the other kind of stamping with my feet!!!!

Card for Son's 12th Birthday

It was our son's birthday and as I had made the dog card from my Mum I decided to make a card from Go Go Crazy Bones which my son likes. He normally takes them with him places but one time he didn't so I had to photo them. What a nightmare as most had a curved back and wouldn't lie flat to photograph. Got there in the end though. I also used the Cute Companions CD1 to make the alphabet to go on the front and then used My Craft Studio to make the insert and to type the verse into. He really liked it - thank goodness!!!! The photo doesn't really do it justice.

Card for Son's 12th Birthday for his Nan

I was asked to make this card for our son's 12th birthday. I used the Crafter's Companion Boys' CD and did a dog scene inside and out. This is what I'd printed off for me to use for his card but my Mum wanted one making so I gave her that one. Please note: one corner is damaged as I think it's fallen off the cabinet - it was perfect when he had it!!!!

40th Birthday Card

Yet another 40th birthday card needed but this time for a man. Wasn't sure what to do but I know he likes motorcycles and cards so I decided on a car as it was easier to cut out for me with my dodgy hands. I used My Craft Studio (or what I call it nowadays My Craft Saviour) to do the car decoupage, to make the UR40 numberplate and then to make the backing paper and finally the insert. What would I do without My Craft Studio these days? Hope the man liked it. I don't know yet as they've gone out for the day.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Birthday card for brother-in-law

It's my brother-in-law's birthday this week as well so I made this DIY card for him. I used some bought decoupage sheets for a change. I also chopped up some light duty sandpaper for an extra special texture on the front of the card.

40th Birthday Card for my Cousin

It is my cousin's 40th birthday later in the week so I have some Red Hot Bed toppers, printed off the insert onto pearlescent paper and then added some fibres and a lovely pink high-heeled show. Hope she likes it.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Thank You Card for Keel Dog

Last Saturday when I went to see the Reflexologist there was another Keel dog awaiting me. How on earth can people not like these dogs I say??? I made a card of Droopy - due to his sad eyes and his very large floppy, droopy ears - to say thank you. I used the 3D2 Cardbuilder to make the pyromage and also used the image to make a tiled background paper. I found it hard and couldn't get it to print a whole sheet of A4 so I need some more practice. I also used Crafter's Cute Companion CD to do the patchwork letters for Droopy. I made the card into a different shape and was worried with the weight of the pyromage that it might fall over but as I backed the pyromage with card it was as stable as a normal A5 card - but it wouldn't go in a normal A5 envelope and needed an A4!!! To finish it off was jump rings and two different coloured seed beads and this went down so well. Needless to say my husband wasn't pleased at another dog. Think we have got to 24 now!!!

Card for a friend at work

It was a friend's birthday at work. She had her card off work before she went on holiday but I said I'd rather not rush and have her card ready for when she got back. Unfortunately my eyes weren't very accommodating so it took some time but to say the card was gratefully appreciated was an under-statement. Sadly she had her dad poorly in Scotland for some months and then he died, her mum has had a serious operation and is on antibiotics as she's got an infection, her brother-in-law isn't well and now her husband has to be seen next week for a suspicious mole so I wanted a very special card and she was in tears when she ready the words and saw the pictures I'd picked. Out came Joanna Sheen's Floral Fantasy CD as this can be used for so many occasions and I needed to pick an image that would cheer her up.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

I have a stall every now and again for different charities. These are some pictures of my stall at the moment which my eldest son set up for me.

Card for a Friend and her Mum

A friend and her mum are going through a difficult time so I made these two cards. They proved a challenge more than most as my eyesight isn't that good when doing close-up stuff. The oriental one also shows my first attempt at using Stampbord and actually scraping oriental words into - great fun but a little messy!!!

Joanna Sheen Card Swap - September 2008

I certainly struggled with the topic of Colours of the Rainbow for this topic. Sadly my eyes are causing me a lot of problems and I've got the added complication of intermittent double-vision - which certainly made cutting out the decoupage harder than normal, made the lining up of the matting and layering more difficult, made me shout when pricking and stictching the flowers and made me shout louder when trying to cut them out.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Card for my Brother-in-Law

It's my brother-in-law's birthday on Wednesday so I was trawling through my CDs yesterday as I needed to make a card for him. Yet again I used Andy Carolan's CD Proessional Nuttyness. My brother-in-law is an electrician and has a wicked sense of humour so we think this card is perfect for him