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Saturday, 24 May 2008

Card for a friend

This is a card that I have made for a friend recently. It took some time and effort to work out. I found the shaped cards a little difficult at first but got there in the end. I used Craft Creations Oriental CD, My Craft Studio to make backing papers, I did some stamping and colouring in, I used Nancy Watts' pop-out template for inside and I even put a tassel on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Card for Ursula

I collect Keel Dogs and have a growing collection. A friend bought me one to cheer me up so I made her a special card to say thank you. I used Michelle Marsden's Triple Treasure CD to make a duo image of some pansies to go on the card, used Nancy Watt's pop-out template for the inside and did some stamping and chalking inside.

Joanna Sheen Card Swap

This months' swap was chosen for us as a group as a whole. It was up to our card swap partner to choose. I chose oriental but my card swap partner chose holidays for me to do. I had a mental block at first but then I used some pictures that my son had taken whilst on holiday in Spain, used a decoupage image from Michelle Marsden's Triple CD, used My Craft Studio to make backing papers/borders and also used a pop-up template for inside that Nancy Watt had demonstrated on Ideal World.

Card for cousin

It was my cousin's birthday this week so I thought I'd make him a special card. He lives in Dublin, is a metal worker and is MADDDDDDDDDDDDD about music so I managed to group everything together on one card using some pictures, Card Toonz CD and some wire.

Card for Aunt and Uncle moving to a flat

My aunt and uncle are moving to a new flat shortly so I made them this card

Commissioned Card for someone into gardening etc

I was asked for a card for a daughter-in-law who is into gardening. I used various papers and decided to use a Wraptures sent I was given. I regretted using glitters as soon as I started as I got soooooooooooo messy and I DON'T LIKE getting messy. I should have stuck to Sakura pens me thinks!!!!

Card for my Uncle

It was my uncles birthday so this is the decoupage I've made for him

Commissioned Card for Someone into Rabbits

I was asked for a commissioned card for someone into rabbits. I decided I'd make an A4 one just to be different. I used Joanna Sheen's Animal Antics CD for the main images and My Craft Studio to make the backing paper

2nd Trapeze Card

I decided to have another go at a Trapeze card. I do though still find it hard as I'm not good with a craft knife with the constant pins-and-needles in my hands.

Commissioned Father's Day Card

I was asked by my hairdresser for a card for her father for Father's Day. I used a Cupcake Crafting CD for this

Good luck card

My Line Manager who was on secondment managed to get the full-time position so I thought I'd make her a card.

Graduation Card for a Son

I was asked to make a commissioned card for a lady whose son was graduating in the States. On the day she was leaving she kept the card on the side to put on the top of her bag and guess what ..................... it got left behind!!! Thankfully her friend managed to post it to the States and it got there in time for the graduation and in 100% condition.

Graduation Card for a Nephew

I was asked for a commissioned card for a nephew who was graduating in the States.

Sympathy card

Sadly I had to make a sympathy card for someone at work. I used a Cupcake Crafting CD


I made this card for a friend who is madly into Egypt and used Joanna Sheen's Egyptian Adventure CD