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Friday 21 September 2007

Billy and Rueben's Bar Mitzvah

I had a very strange request to make some Bar Mitzvah cards for a friend's ........................ kittens. I made so many many changes to these but eventually finished these last week-end. I took them in on Wednesday and she thought they were lots lots better than she ever imagined they'd look. She sent the invites out on Wednesday night and all the children that are coming and their parents were amazed at them. I also made her some thank yous as an extra. She thinks it is a way of teaching children that are other religion and beliefs in the world that we need to understand.

Wedding Cards for My Mum's Work

My Mum called me wanting a larger card done of what she already had. The trouble is that I only take photos of commissioned cards and I had difficulty in getting at what my Mum was trying to explain to me. In the end I made three and had to send them to my Mum. Obviously I am going to make a loss for these but sometimes you have to do that to get people's business. My Mum said that all three were good and the lady would have difficulty in choosing which one to have!!

Birthday Card

Decided to have another go at a pop-up card for a friend's birthday and couldn't resist getting the beads out!!

Card for a Special Granddaughter

A commissioned card for a special granddaughter.

Wedding Card

I was commissioned to make a card for a lady's brother who was getting married. I decided to stick with the vintage theme again.

Card for a Special Niece

The same lady who wanted the engagement card wanted a special card for her niece. As her Mum had also requested one for the granddaughter I had to make sure they were totally different themes.

Engagement Card

I was commissioned to make an engagement card for a lady who orders cards from me. As it was for her uncle I decided to make a vintage style one.

Ode to Rob

Our neighbour's parents had to have their beloved dog put down a few weeks ago. They had had Rob for 15 years and was an important member of the family. Some might say he was only a dog but even though I haven't got any pets I know how much an animal would mean to me and my family.

For this reason I decided to print off a verse and decorate it and put in a frame for them to keep. I took it around to their daughter a week or so ago and it brought tears to her eyes. Her Mum and Dad knocked on the door this week to say they really appreciated the verse and they look at it so often.