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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Birthday Card

This is for the neighbour's son who was two recently. He looks just like the boy in the picture, as if it was a photo of him.

August Swap - Sheenies

I took part in the August Swap for the Sheenies and this is my entry.

Brother-in-law's Wedding - August 2007

My brother-in-law got married last week-end. Sadly I wasn't well enough to travel there so I had to stay at home but I made their wedding Thank Yous. I also asked if they wanted any special cards made ie best man etc. They asked for one for their Best Man and the bride's Mum and Dad. Unfortunately I couldn't find any Best Man words so I had to make up my own!! They loved them all.

Get Well Card

I had to make my sister-in-law a get well card recently as she had an operation on her back. I wanted something extra special to make her feel better. It took me such a long time to make as it was one of my off days but she loved the result and I didn't want it to leave the house!!

7th Wedding Anniversary Card

I was asked to make a 7th wedding anniversary card for a couple who I didn't know that well so wasn't too sure what to put on it. I was told I'd got it just right - not bad eh???

Commissioned Card - Hairdresser and into Abba

I was asked to make a card for someone who is a hairdresser and likes Abba. I managed to get a limited edition magazine to go inside and the person that asked for the card was so pleased and so was the recipient.

2nd Try at a Star Card

I was asked to do a special card for a wedding and decided I would try another star card - mad or what?? I was pleased with the outcome but it took many, many, many hours to complete.

First try at a star card

Earlier this year it was the first anniversary of a Birthday List I am a member of along with others. As this Birthday List and subsequent Forum has been my lifeline I decided to broach the question with the other members about doing a special treat for Debbie and Emma that run the List/Forum. Members were in agreement and sent me ATCs and pennies so we could club together and get some nice pressies to say an extra special Thank You. I offered to make the cards. At times I wish I hadn't tried start cards but I was pleased with the end result in the end. Debbie and Emma love their pressies and their cards so a very worthwhile idea!!

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Thank You for Tina

My son and I attended the Colemans Warehouse on the 28/7/07 to see Tina Fallon again. She was demonstrating the Scrap Magic templates and a friend of hers, Dawn, was demonstrating the FGS decoupage. My son made a Scrap Magic Christmas Tree with the help of Tina and it looked fab.

A few days later he made a "Thank You" card for Tina and turned the majority of the Christmas Tree template into the sail of the boat and used the elongated hexagon Scrap Magic template for the hull of the boat. He made the sea with ripping of paper and entitled his masterpiece HMS Tina.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Colemans Warehouse - July 2007

At the end of July I went to Colemans Warehouse in Rushden as Tina Fallon, a friend, was demonstrating Scrap Magic templates and FGS decoupage. My son was with me and also enjoyed making his first Scrap Magic card, the Christmas Tree.

25th Wedding Anniversary Card

The parents of my son's friends were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary - something to celebrate in the current climate - so I thought I'd make them a special card