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Wednesday 19 March 2008

Commissioned Card for someone loving Great Danes

Earlier in the year I had to make a card for a grand-daughter into Great Danes and then this time it was for the lady that ordered it so I had do something totally different. Decided to stick together A5 cards, like a star card, and stamped the background on alternating sheets paws, dog faces, paws and then dog faces. I then put funny captions on the pictures of the dogs and hey presto another card I don't want to give to the customer!!!

Birthday card for a friend

It's a friends birthday soon and she loves anything oriental so I have used a kimono shaped card and have done some stamping on it and then used images from Joanna Sheen's Oriental Dreams CDs and some FGS decoupage.

Card competition

This is an entry I made for a competition using Joanna Sheen's new Fashion Boutique CD

Sympathy card

Had to make a sympathy card for a friend and used a new pyromage CD

Thursday 13 March 2008

Cards to sell

I have made a variety of cards to sell for charity using various CDs I have including Joanna Sheen's Victorian Birthdays and Everyday Decoupage Disc Three.

Easter card

I was asked to make a different Easter card. I had made the lady a Joanna Sepia lady for her Christmas card for her friend and she loved it. She wanted a dove card for Easter. I used an image from 3dbycharlie(c) of a dove but it was blue and didn't think it an Easter colour so I imported the image into My Craft Studio and changed it to a brown colour. I also made the insert on there and added a verse.

Pint of Beer Card

I was asked to make a commissioned card for someone who likes their beer. I used puff paint to make the frothy head on the beer.

Get Well Card

This is a Get Well Card for a friend who has been in hospital. I decided to try an A4 card made out of two A4 sheets which seems to be the trend on a certain Craft Channel. I used the Crafter's Companion Everyday CD to make the alphabet tiles.

Bingo card

I was asked to make a card for a lady whose Mum is shortly going to be 65. She wanted it with creams and beiges and with a theme of bingo. It seemed quite an easy one but it turned out more difficult as some creams and beiges put together looked awful and it took some time trying to get the colours right. I then had to search for bingo terminology "time for fun no 41", "staying alive no 85" etc before even putting the card together. I haven't found out whether the card is liked yet but others that have seen it have said that it will be perfect.

Thursday 6 March 2008

First Trapunto Card

This is my first attempt at a Trapunto card. I made it for a Joanna Sheen Card Swap. Yes, the sewing was a nightmare for my hands and eyes but it was worth it in the end.

Tigers and broomsticks

Every Mother's Day I have the same request - a card for someone into tigers but it also has to have on it broomsticks - so this is the version for 2008

Commissioned Card for a Wife-Mum

I was asked for an A4 for a wife and mum who likes flowers. I decided to split the inside into two areas, one with a verse as the gentleman's wife and the other as the mum to the children

Oriental Birthday Card

Made a friend an oriental birthday card

Commissioned Card for friend into trains

I was asked for another card for someone who loves trains. Used My Craft Studio for the insert

Oriental Birthday Card

Commissioned card for a daughter-in-law who likes oriental

Thank You

Thank you pyromage card for someone who likes skiing. My Craft Studio used for the insert

Easter cards

Here are some easter cards I have made

Donated items

I have been given some items to use for my cardmaking for charity. Here are a few cards I have made

Thank you

I've been going through a hard time for some time so I made these cards for two friends who have supported me