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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Colemans Warehouse - 29 September 2007

On 29 September I went to the Colemans Warehouse in Rushden as Nancy from Ideal World/Joanna Sheen Forum was demonstrating, to possibly meet other crafters from Forums and also to look for pressies for my birthday. Unfortunately, just after we left our driveway we were involved in a RTA so when I arrived at Colemans I started feeling crook so didn't stay as long as I would have liked. I really enjoyed meeting Nancy and her daughter Mia and also some Sheenies and a Scissor Sister member.

Commissioned Card - Daughter who likes Jack Russells

I was asked by a lady who is one of my main customers to make a card for her daughter's birthday in November. I decided to do it extra special and made it into an A4 card and also printed the image on the front onto canvas paper and didn't put a Happy Birthday quote on the front so that her daughter could put the card in a frame.

The Mum absolutely LOVED the card and knows her daughter will do too!!

Ode to Rob

Our neighbour's parents had to have their beloved dog put down a few weeks ago. They had had Rob for 15 years and was an important member of the family. Some might say he was only a dog but even though I haven't got any pets I know how much an animal would mean to me and my family.
For this reason I decided to print off a verse and decorate it and put in a frame for them to keep. I took it around to their daughter a week or so ago and it brought tears to her eyes. Her Mum and Dad knocked on the door this week to say they really appreciated the verse and they look at it so often.