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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Commissioned Card - Daughter who likes Jack Russells

I was asked by a lady who is one of my main customers to make a card for her daughter's birthday in November. I decided to do it extra special and made it into an A4 card and also printed the image on the front onto canvas paper and didn't put a Happy Birthday quote on the front so that her daughter could put the card in a frame.

The Mum absolutely LOVED the card and knows her daughter will do too!!


Em's Blog said...

aawww this reminds me so much of a Jack Russel 'Spud' who sadly went missing last year.. it's lovely Kym x

Kaz said...

I have the same stool as you!!! the pink one, which means this card is big, it's absolutely gorgeous, very thoughtful and the pics are fab, I love the little puppy one especially.......aaaaawwww

great card Kym x