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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Deep Ocean Challenge - Share your craft space

Over at the Deep Ocean Challenge this fortnight the challenge is to "show your craft space".
In January 2013 my husband started converting the second largest bedroom into a craft room for me as our eldest son moved into his own home in August 2012 and the youngest son thought moving into the "box room" would mean he'd keep it tidier than a bigger room!!
It has a seaside feel to it with the colour scheme and seaside nick-nacks.
I cannot believe I've had my craft room for nearly a year but it has made such a difference.  
I can do crafting and leave it whereas before I had to tidy things away.  I have had my "Craftroom Workstation" for nearly 4 years now and every year this would have to be closed up for business when it was birthdays or Christmas as it was situated in the front room.  Now it's in the craft room it never gets closed.
 I LOVE my craft room and often have little visitors come but as you can see they are not very productive in their cardmaking.

1 comment:

~ginny said...

OMGosh Kym - you would have a heart attack if you saw my room! You have a place for everything and everything in its' place!