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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Sorry for my absence

As you know I went to theatre on Tuesday for steroid injection to my right shoulder and right wrist.  You would have thought I'd had enough of hospitals for one week but oh no.  

Last Thursday my eldest son woke with a pain in his chest and arm so he went to see the emergency doctor who sent him off to hospital.  He was found to have a very small percentage of a collapsed lung but after a further X-ray later in the day the amount hadn't changed so he was allowed home for a follow-up this Thursday.

On Thursday my son went for his repeat X-ray only to find out it had got worse and after seeing a doctor had to go home and get some things and return to the hospital for a chest drain.  The wait for us all especially my son was horrible but eventually the chest drain was in about 12.30am.

Yesterday I popped to see him a few times.  He's not doing very well as it was hoped the chest drain could come out yesterday but his lung hasn't re-inflated enough so it's had to stay.  He had another X-ray last night and it's getting slightly better but not enough for the chest drain to come out.  He'll have another one today and see how things go.  

We are off soon to see him for a few hours.  His dad will pop and see him first as he's got to work until gone midnight.

Despite what I'd had done to me this week I'd still have preferred to have gone through all this instead of my son.  He might be 20 and taller than me but he's still my son and you want to protect them at all costs.

As you can imagine because of all of this I have been unable to get around to blogs etc so I apologise for that.


CG said...

Sending you & your family healthful wishes! Best, CG

Donna said...

Don't you worry about anyone else Kym but your son. I can just imagine how worried you must be, just glad they finally got around to doing something instead of still waiting. Fingers crossed he continues to improve and they can remove the drain.
Sending you big cyber hugs
Donna xx

cotnob said...

I'm so sorry to hear this Kym, I do hope your son soon improves enough to come home. I know what you mean about preferring to go through it yourself - it's horrible to see your children in pain and suffering.
Do take care of yourself and I hope you both have a speedy recovery.

Marie said...

Sending healing hugs your way.
Love n hugs

Anonymous said...

Sending get well wishes for your son sweetie.. and big hugs for you both!xx


Sending you hugs Kym and hope your son is better soon take care
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Laine said...

Seen your posting on Facebook Kym. Thinking of you and hoping your son is better soon.

Julia said...

Kym, You and you family are in my prayers. Big hug my friend, your soon will be better and out of the hospital soon. Take care of yourself.

Teri said...

ACK! So sorry to hear of all your woes hun. Hoping he gets on better today, and your arm gets better with that steroid.
Love and hugs to you both!
Teri xx

Anne said...

Oh Kym, no wonder you're not blogging. I do hope your son feels better soon and be back home with you again. Hugs all round x

cuilliesocks said...

Sending you HUGS, and hope your son improves quickly, what a worry for you all, be thinking about you, Kate x