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Saturday, 16 October 2010

My Son's 18th Birthday Present

Today was the day for my son to have his 18th birthday present from family and friends - a two car driving experience.  We had to choose which two cars he was to drive and we went for an Aston Martin and a Ferrari.  So we left home at 6.10am this morning (yes 6.10am!!) as we had to drive to Kenilworth.

Well our son thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was marked 37 out of 40 for each drive - not bad eh since it's not even a year since he passed his driving test!!!  He did find it hard to "put his foot down" but managed 111mph in the Aston Martin.  I thought he'd prefer the Ferrari but he in fact preferred the Aston Martin.

If you are stuck for a present for man or a lady (something like this doesn't appeal to me at all but there were quite a few ladies going for the driving experience) it's certainly something to think about and I'm certainly glad we picked it as I think we would get 20 out of 10 for picking this present for his 18th birthday back in August!!!

1 comment:

iReneM said...

Great pics, Kym.
Ooo, didn't he do well :-) I'm so pleased No.1 son enjoyed his birthday experience. Looks like you had a wonderful day even if you did have to get up at silly o'clock :-)