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Friday, 30 October 2009

Award from Lindsay Mason

When I went to Blackpool for my 40th birthday earlier this month, a treat for me on the Saturday was for me to go to Dawn Bibby's shop. I got to meet the lovely talented Lindsay Mason and thankfully as my husband went and sat in the car I spent quite a while watching and at one stage Dawn even got me a chair to sit on. It was lovely to meet Dawn as well as I wouldn't really be into crafting if it wasn't for her and QVC.

Lindsay has passed an award onto me and said on her blog that I was "wonderfully enthusiastic when I met her at a demonstration a couple of weeks ago" - me enthusiastic - is she talking about the same person??? Well I have to admit I did have to think of my husband out in the car as I could easily have stayed watching until the shop shut!!!

Well, this award means you have to pass it onto five people and mention five interesting things about yourself. I'm not sure about that bit but I will have a go. I am going to pass the award onto:

Lorraine - she's a wonderful friend I have met by blogging and she decided last week her and her laptop would fall down the stairs. Thankfully she didn't break anything but hopefully an award will help to cheer her up

Linda - another good friend that I have met by blogging. Thought this award would help to send some positive vibes to her.

Lisa - another friend I have met on the blogging world. I also owe Lisa a lot of gratitude as she captured my personality and what is in my heart by making my blog header and signature. I still can't believe it is ALL MINE. She's such a clever lady.

Debbie - I met her via Dawn Bibby's Forum when it was up-and-running and she started a Birthday List and I um'd and ah'd about whether I could commit to it/whether I was good enough but I gave it a go. When Dawn's Forum sadly went down Debbie and a friend set up our own closed forum for members of the Birthday List only and we are still going strong and this is a thank you for all her hard work in keeping it all going.

Hazel - I haven't had that much contact with Hazel as we are quite newbies to each other but we comment on each others' work when we can. She's going through a difficult time at the moment and I just wanted to let her know that her blogging friends are behind her and will help during this difficult time.

Well, onto the bit I don't like/am unsure what to put in but here goes:

1. In 1983 I made the Regional Finals of the Junior Cook of the Year Competition and had to travel to Nottingham for the event. I didn't come 1st, 2nd or 3rd but it was certainly an experience and it was a long time before we'd eat anything I had made as I had to practice my timings so many times!!!

2. I left school with 8 "O" Levels but despite everything I refused to stay on at school.

3. In my third placement on my two year YTS I had a lovely Head Chef but I'd had previous not too pleasant experiences in kitchens so I was very wary around him. Some time after starting he decided to leave to gain more experience in catering. I got him a card and a mug with his name and a car on it but didn't even give it to him as I was so shy. He wrote a letter to say thank you, I wrote one back and so it went on until we met and went out. We celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary in July so the card and mug were a good omen.

4. I was 6 months short of being a fully qualified chef but after three years of training I broke my elbow in three places by skimming it along the side of a sink and despite time off sick my arm couldn't hold heavy things so I had to give up my beloved catering that I had wanted to do for sooooooooo long.

5. I have had a number of broken bones in my lifetime. I fell at the front of the house and broke my wrist once but I broke my foot by dropping a tin of baked beans on it!!!! Yes, have a good laugh!!!!

Thanks again Lindsay for the lovely award and lovely comments.

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