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Friday, 23 January 2009

Beautiful Blog Award

Alison has presented an award of her own - "Beautiful Blog" Award and she has passed it on to 5 people who have inspired her and helped her to make your blog what it is.

She passed the Award onto me for the "charity work in spite of illness". This award has really cheered me up as this has been a hard week at work and at home as I am in so much pain. Making my cards for charity helps me so much during the bad times as I just try to do a little bit and often as it will help me and also help others.

Well, who do I pass it onto as there are so many people that have influenced my bloggin life. I haven't been blogging long but so enjoy looking at other blogs. I'm not always up to making cards so for the "me" time I decided that I would spend time each day looking at other blogs/making comments so I don't feel like I am missing out because of this illness.

Obviously as a special thank you for cheering me up and seeing such wonderful creations on her blog and when her samples are shown on TV I would have pick Alison at http://alis-space.blogspot.com/

Wendy at http://craftblog.craftybutterfly.co.uk/ and Suzanne at http://suzannelily.wordpress.com/ as I saw their blogs for quite some time, looking at awe at their creations and then eventually plucked up the challenge to set up my own blog.

Chrissie at http://chrissiescreations.blogspot.com/ and Beryl at http://bikshome.blogspot.com/ as they always trys to post comments on my blog which is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for this lovely award.

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