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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

My Craft Studio Walk in Wonderland CDs

I was fortunate to be included as one of the sample makers for the My Craft Studio Walk in Wonderland CDs. I didn't have the full selection that comes on the CDs but there were too many nice ones and I felt guilty at not using some!!! Unfortunately my eyes started playing up so I found finishing off the samples very difficult but I was pleased with the end results. I haven't watched all the shows I taped but I did see three of my cards on TV which cheered me up no end. I just love using the CDs. I use many other CDs as well but I like using the MCS ones as I can decide what I want to do, what colour I want it to be etc etc. It wasn't until yesterday I realised it was the 1st birthday of My Craft Studio CDs - so Happy Birthday to them and I look forward to more CDs to come in the next year.


Chrissie said...

Well Kym judging by these fabulous cards, I'm not surprised you were asked to make the samples. They are all so beautiful, clever old you!

Debbie said...

These are so lovely - was just looking for samples like this for ideas and isnpiration - truly gorgeous.