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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Happy birthday card ................... with a difference

 I was asked by my son to make a card for his friend in the USA who longs to be a Forensic Scientist hopefully specialising in blood splatter analysis.  

It is sad that we need people like this doing a very difficult job.  Sometimes they have to determine foul play but sometimes when things look bad it is their expertise and that of police forces around the world that determine a death is natural causes.
 Yes as you can imagine this is not the normal type of card that I make but I had a go.  On the front of the card I have used red acrylic paint and in areas dragged the end of a crochet hook through it and also dabs spots in places to look like blood splatter.  I have used various images and typed up a sentiment to go on the card.
 I have used various splat and lined stamps throughout the card and it would never have turned out like it did without my Tim Holtz Stamping Platform.

All around the front of the card near the scallops, throughout the card and also on the ribbon I used a black Versafine ink and stamped my fingerprints all over.  I have to say it made it look more realistic.

Fingers crossed Jayme likes her card after 4-5 hours spent on it!!

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