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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Easel Calendar and Post-it Note Holder Instructions

I never knew when I posted my Easel Calendar and Post-it Holder yesterday it would result in so many private/public messages asking for dimensions on how to make it.

This is what they can look like when finished:

Well for those that wanted to know here are some instructions.  If you have any problems just let me know and I will help you:
For my calendar/post-it note holder I have used 280gsm-300gsm weight card as it has to be able to withstand being on show for a year as it is a calendar.

The actual calendar I have measured across at 10cm and used the full length of the A4 card which is 29.5cm.
With one of the pieces of card score in from the left at 7cms and 14cms.

Then score in 14cms from the right hands side edge.  This will leave a gap in the middle which you don't normally have with an easel card but you need it this time as you need space to clear the height of the post-it note holder.
You then need to cut a piece of matching card which is 10cms across and 14cms in length.  This is for your easel mount ie so you can put your topper on.
You need to crease the lines very well with something like a bone folder.  All the bends in the card then need to come forward and it will look like this above (obviously without all the writing on it!!)
Then you need to use a piece of matching card and the size of this has to be 8cms wide and 16.3cms in length (the length dimensions can obviously be tweaked a bit if you have a fatter post-it note pad or a thinner post-it note pad)
Then with this piece of card (if you are using my dimensions) you need to measure in 7.6cms in from the left and 7.6cms in the right and score down these two lines.  I have drawn the marks for scoring in with a pen just so you can see it easily.  The gap in the middle is for the depth of the post-it note pad.
This is then what the three pieces of card will look like.  I have changed to the actual card I am using for the calendar/post-it note holder.
You then need to choose some backing paper and cut it to 9.5cms across by 13cms high.
Then cut two pieces of backing paper to go on the top and inside of the post-it note holder.  These I have cut to 7cms across and 7cms high.
You then need to stick some double-sided tape to the bottom of the post-it note pad and some red super sticky tape to the fold on the post-it note holder.
Stick in the post-it pad.  Make sure the glued end of the pad sits right next to the folder in the holder (I nearly made the mistake of not doing this on my first try!!).  I tend to add a bit of wet tacky glue on top of the tape to make sure it stays put.  Remove the cover of the red tape, add some tacky glue and then push this up against the edge post-it pad and leave to dry.  It doesn't take too long.
Now you need to stick in the backing paper to the base of the holder and also the mount for an image to go on.
Make sure when you stick the piece onto the easel mount you put glue on the bottom half of the fold and put the bottom half of the mount on top of this.

You need to stick the calendar onto the top of the post-it note holder (I got my calendar tabs (as they are known in the crafting world) from here).

Then the final step is to decorate as you wish.  I'll have to leave mine for another day.

I hope you can make sense of my instructions.  It is very easy once you have done 1-2 of them.  I prepared 4 in one go and it didn't take too long.  Decorating them is another thing!!

Once completed they are a unique piece of artwork that the recipient can have on show at work or at home for the whole of 2015.

Please let me know if you use my template as I'd love to see what you come up with.

The black and white backing papers I have used are Bearly Mine Designs "Black and White Essentials".

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