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Sunday, 17 November 2013

ThermoMorph Moldable Plastic

I was asked a while ago to trial a product called ThermoMorph.  
I'd not been asked to trial something before so decided to give it a go.

What is ThermoMorph you ask?  It is moldable plastic pellets (polymorph granules).  Does that sound intriguing?

and here you will find more information at ThermoMorph.net:  http://www.thermomorph.net/

  I knew the size of the pot, as per the website was 500g but I am no good with lengths or sizes so I was amazed at the size of the pot when it came.  The cost of the pot is £19.95 and all I will say is that I've made a lot but really not made a dent in the pot, if you know what I mean.

There are instructions on the post on how to use the ThermoMorph.  Yes I would have found it easier using a Melt Pot like my friend Claire but I don't have one of these.  Also as I make my cards for charity my funds are very limited so it is sometimes nice to see someone doing a trial that is using more basic things.

I used an old thick plastic food container that had seen better days and poured in some boiling water.  I let it cool for a while and then dropped in a pile of the white ThermoMorph granules.  Within 5-10 minutes these white granules and gone clear and looked like frog spawn.  I used some tongs to get it out of the water, popped onto a craft sheet to cool for 30 seconds or more and then it was time for the fun to begin!!
 This is pushing the melted Thermomorph into a leaf mold which I have put some micro beads into the bottom.  I barely let it touch the mold and managed to get it out so that I could add a curved shape to the leaf as most leaves aren't totally flat.  Once it was dry I have rubbed over the top to metallic gold Pan Pastel. 
 This time I have pushed the ThermoMorph into a Spellbinders Mixed Media heart shaped frame.  I love the way it has picked up all of the detail with so little effort and after it had dried it just fell out of the frame.  Again I have rubbed over metallic gold Pan Pastel. 
 Here the ThermoMorph was pushed into a Martha Stewart flower mold and a Spellbinders Mixed Media heart frame.  Once set I coloured with Promarkers. 
 These are a Martha Stewart decorated heart mold (look at how it's picked up all the nodules from the heart) and on the right hand side a Spellbinders Mixed Media heart frame.  These have been coloured with Graph'it pens.
 Once set these heart shapes and flowers shapes were coloured with pink and purple alcohol inks and then areas were brushed on with silver mixative alcohol ink to add some shine.
 These ones have been a nightmare to photograph - too sparkly for my camera.  These are flowers and hearts that have been brushed over with Cosmic Shimmer black glue with silver glitter sprinkled over the top.  Think this effect would look nice as centre pieces for large bows or centres of hand-made flowers on cards/creations.
 This flower collection has been made with blue mica powder.  The large flower I spread around some mica into my Martha Stewart flower mold, the smaller ones I didn't.  After the flowers were dry I mixed some "dry as clear glue" with the same mica powder and painted it onto the flowers.  It gives a more subtle finish on the smaller ones but a lot richer colour on the one that had the mica in the mold.  
 This is my Spellbinders Mixed Media heart frame used as a mold.  Once set I painted the heart with blue acrylic paint.
 This is using my Martha Stewart flower mold, letting it set, painting with blue acrylic paint and when it was still wet to sprinkle over some glitter.  Messy but worth the effect.
 Last, by no means least, are various effects with Pan Pastels rubbed into flower molds before adding ThermoMorph to them.  The large flower on the top left had a little purple Pan Pan Pastel, the one to the right a bit more and finally the ones at the front had a lot more.

I have some more ideas for the ThermoMorph so there might well be an update for you on what I get up to next.  Some crafty friends will laugh when they see this post as they know I "don't do messy"!!  Needless to say that I have to admit to having a fun time over the weeks doing a trial of this product.

Here is what I would say about the product:

Would you buy the product?  
Yes I would.  I use my molds to make embellishments with air drying clay but it can take 2-3 days depending on the temperature to thoroughly dry the items as if you use too so they could easily crack.  The ThermoMorph is set within minutes and ready for decorating.

Is it easy to use?
As I said it might have been easier in a Melt Pot but the way I did it was fine.  
Next time, once it's melted I'd like to try mixing mediums like alcohol inks, Pan Pastel, micro beads, mica powders into it before putting into molds etc.  If it becomes too hard you will be unable to return to the water as the colours will be diluted but a quick blast of a heat tool will soften it up.

Is it value for money?
As you can see above I have made quite a number of items over the last few weeks and the level hasn't really gone down.  The pot costs £19.95 for 500g.  I have used UTEE before and it certainly doesn't last this long.  Embellishments can be so expensive to buy.  I often see them on TV or in the shops for £3-£4 for 8-10 centres to go in flowers etc.  I could make many more than that out of £3-£4 worth of ThermoMorph and it would mean so much more to make them myself.

Can anyone use it?
If you use it in a Melt Pot you need to be an adult/have adult supervision as when things melt they get hot.

If you use the ThermoMorph in boiling water you too need to be careful as you've got it melting in hot water.

Apart from the safety aspect, I think anyone could use the product.  

I have health problems and struggle with doing a lot of things craft-wise. 

It was nice to trial something with a "crafter" hat on as well as someone with a "disability" hat on as well as a "limited pennies" hat on.  

I have to say that ThermoMorph passed as a crafter as it gives you lot of opportunity to try it with texture treads, embossing folders, cookie cutters, molding on top of buttons etc.

I have to say that ThermoMorph passed for someone with a disability.  If you aren't as quick as some you just put back to reheat in the water or blast with a heat tool and nothing is wasted.

I have to say that ThermoMorph passed for someone with limited pennies.  I've made lots of embellishments and have lots left in the pot to make loads and loads more which makes it really good value for money.

Last, but not least, would you recommend the product?
I could not lie to readers of my blog and say I would recommend this product if I didn't like it.  
I LOVE IT!!!  
I have lots of ideas going around in my head and will look forward to giving them a go and will show you how I get on.

If you have any questions please leave me a message and I will try to answer them for you.  

I have had great fun trialing this product.  

I have never been asked to do this before so feel very honoured.  I have done the trial as a crafter, someone with a disability and someone with limited pennies and ThermoMorph has passed with flying colours!!


Claire said...

hi Kym, wow you've come up with some gorgeous embellies here. Love them all but I bet the black with the silver glitter look amazing 'in the flesh'. Great stuff isn't it? As you say embellies can cost a fortunate so much cheaper (and more fun) to make your own
Claire xx

Unknown said...

OMGosh Kym, these are gorgeous and looks like you had a fun time. Love the elegant roses and hearts, they are just beautiful...I have never heard or seen these in Australia but I imagine they are available somewhere....thanks for sharing.xx