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Sunday, 17 February 2013

My New Looking Blog and my New Craft Room

I came across Lynn a year or so ago when I won a competition on her blog to win a Magnolia Banner.  She makes all the banners and badges herself.  I have full admiration for people who are creative like this.  Yes, I can make cards but I certainly wouldn't know where to start with something like this.

Lynn has started selling her banners/badges on Facebook "Lynn's Designer Digitals" and you will see a wonderful selection of these and other beautiful creations she makes.

My new owl is taking pride of place on my blog.  Yes it isn't normally a colour I would go for as my favourite colour is purple/lilac but last summer my eldest son moved into his own home and the youngest son thought moving back into the smallest room would help to keep it cleaner (well it didn't work!!) so the second largest bedroom has been turned into a craft room/spare room by my wonderful husband.  In the end we went for a colour scheme of chocolate brown, sand and teal blue - all colours seen at the seaside.  The room is all finished bar some seaside bits and pieces for the walls.  One clever hubby eh?  My craft tardis has been moved from the front room upstairs to the craft room and it's nice to get the front room back as a front room and not a front room/craft space.  
Thank you to my husband for my lovely new room.

Thank you to Lynn for my lovely new looking blog.  Make sure you pop on over and have a look at her wonderful creations.


Lynn said...

OMG!! Kymmie...I love your craft storage!! It is simply divine!!!
It is just awesome and you are so organised too.
I wish mine was like that (hehehe)
And thanks so much for your wonderful comments :)
It was so nice of you and it was also great to catch up with you:)
I will talk to you again real soon
Lots of Love
Lynn xxxx
Lynn's Designer Creations & Digitals :)

iReneM said...

Ooooh! Yes, Kym, I love your new look.
It goes so well with your wonderful new craft room. Well done clever hubby, you've done a great job :) ...
and how nice of 'S' to move to the smaller room in order to give you more space. What a good boy :)

Helen said...

Wow, your craft room looks great. Loving the owl too xxx

Alyce said...

love the new look blog and crafty space! wow what an amazing cupboard! :)


Hi Kym
All looks gorgeous and fabulous your room and just love the new look on your blog
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Claire said...

hi Kym, wow your craft room looks amazing as does your blog!As crafty goodies always seem to exxpand and need more space, the big question is will your craft room stay that tidy lol? Enjoy your lovely new room
Claire xx

Marie-Louise said...

You very lucky person. Look at all that marvellous storage - wow.

Lozzy T said...

all looks amazing Kym... loving your new blog design..hope monkey being good and helping.
Lozzy xx

Vicky said...

Fabulous craft room sweetie arnt these cupboards just fab. Loving the colours they are lush, especially the stripes hun. I have to admit I miss having a craft room that was just mine, its harder to be messy lol.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx