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Sunday, 11 December 2011

One Clever Lady

I received an e-mail this morning from Lynn of Lynn's Designer Creations with a gorgeous Christmas banner to use.  I have to admit I've always hated the colour green - even so much that for years I would never even eat green sweets!!  The colour green though was my mum's favourite colour.  The banner made me shed some tears as it will be the first Christmas without my mum and she would have loved to have seen this green banner and I love it too in memory of my mum.  Lynn is such a clever lady making these banners.  

Thank you so very much xxx


Cheryl said...

oh hun,bless your heart,your mum would not have only loved this but been so proud of you too,love hugs cherylxxxx

Casper said...

Hiya Kym,

What a gorgeous banner!

Your Mum will have always been proud of you and you know that green was her favourite colour so your blog will always be a happy memory for you everyday.

Wishing you and your family a peaceful and content Christmas.

We are also having our first Christmas without Our Mum and it has been so difficult from the beginning of December and the more trees we seen going up and the more decorations in the shops the more memories overwhelmed us.

Good memories but with the feelings of loss behind them,this time of year is so difficult as we all create lots of precious memories at this time of year.

This will be a hard time but remember that those memories are always with you and the love behind them can make the loss a bit more intense due to the time of year.

The feeling of something missing will ease but you will never forget your loving and beautiful Mum.

Share,enjoy and create beautiful memories this year to add to your many memories to hold in your heart.

This year will be different but joyful and loving too but in a different way.

Keep strong,remember and enjoy the new memories too.

You are in our thoughts and our hearts.

Take care
Big Hugs