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Friday, 4 November 2011

Charity Stall - November 2011

Well another month has whizzed by and it was time to set up the charity stall today.  Sadly over 60% of the companies in the complex have moved out so I go there each month thinking it might be my last.  Last month the card sales were £3.00 for the whole week.  I don't have to pay anything for the stall so I haven't got any outlay but it is sad as when I started going there 4 years ago some months would sell £20-30 of cards, half of which always went to charity and the rest went into the kitty for more supplies.  I know come 2012 I might have to go looking for some more outlets but I'm not thinking about that now as there is still lots of things to do in relation to the death of my mum four months ago.

The cards on the stall are mostly mine but a friend has made some and I have three lovely blogging friends that have given me cards for the stall.  I always make sure people know they are donated cards as I would hate to take the credit for other peoples' work.  People also donate me crafting items that they longer use/need and these are always used on my cards for charity.  I had hoped come the end of December to have got to the total made for charity in 5 years of £1,500 but I am £80 short so it's unlikely I will make that but I will in time.  At the moment I am raising funds for SCOPE as I try to do local charities and national charities and then different kinds of charities eg children, cancer, animals etc.  I am always open to offers for names of charities to help if you have a special charity that is "close to your heart"


iReneM said...

A smashing display as always, Kym.
I hope you are able to find a new venue - you've done such a great job collecting such a fantastic amount for your charities

Anonymous said...

Thats a lot of cards, and they look lovely

Linda said...

The set up looks fantastic - hopefully sales will pick up soon and you will reach your target. You're doing a fantastic job so keep up the good work.