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Monday, 20 June 2011

My Mum

I know this isn't craft related but thought I had better post as I have been missing for quite a number of days and haven't posted my Design Team cards.

Well what an awful few days we have had.  A friend found my mum collapsed at home on Thursday morning and the paramedics were called.  After a few hours at the hospital we were told the devastating news that she'd had a massive bleed in her brain but it was too close to the brain stem so they could not operate.  My mum was on the organ donor register so we started the long journey of trying to see if her organs could be donated.  Late Friday evening a hospital in London said they'd have mum's liver so at 2.40am on Saturday morning mum's life support was turned off and she died five minutes later.  We are keeping our fingers crossed and will wait to hear in about a fortnight whether the final checks went OK in the hospital in London and there is someone there who may get another chance at a better quality of life thanks to my mum's liver.

The above photo was taken at the end of May when we went to Skegness.  We had a good laugh when I spied this ice-cream van as my mum was known as nan to her six grand-children so I made her stand and pose for some photographs.  We never imagined less than a month later she would be gone as she was only 61.  It is such a shock to us all.

I apologise for not visiting your blogs and also for not posting my Design Team cards.  As you can imagine, my cardmaking will be taking a back seat for a while as we have so many things to sort out and I need to take some time out with my family and friends who have been deeply affected by her death.


Carol said...

Thinking of you at this difficult time Kym. I hope you can find peace in the happy memories of your Mum. Hugs Carol x

THERESA said...

So terribly sorry about your loss!!!
May you and the family find peace in knowing that she helped to save someone else's life, that is such a blessing!!
Hugs and strength to you in this time.
lotsa luv

Claire said...

So sorry to hear about your Mum Kym,
love and hugs to you and your family
Claire xx

Cheryl said...

oh kym hun bless your heart oh hun just have no idea what to say,oh i really really feel for you sweetie take lots of time hun,to be with your family,thinking of you hun and sending you a big cyber hun love and hugs cherylxxxx

Jan said...

So sorry to read your tragic news Kym. Sending you hugs and prayers. xx Jan

Hazel (Didos) said...

So sorry for your loss Kym, my thoughts are with you and your family, Hazelxox

Beryl K said...

Oh Kym, my deepest condolences. Sending huge hugs to you and all of your family. Take all the time you need and please do not worry about not blogging. But, remember we are all here for you in cyber space even if we cannot be with you personally
Beryl x

coops said...

so sorry to hear about your mum kym
thinking of you and your family.

xx coops xx

Anne said...

So sorry to hear of your loss Kym. Sending loving thoughts to you and yours. Hugs xx

Ann Whitfield said...

So very, very sorry for your loss Kym, you only get one Mum and nothing any of us say can take away your pain.
You are constantly in my thoughts, take care sweetheart.
Ann x

Happy Days said...

Sending you huge hugs hun. xxx

Hazel said...

I'm so sorry to read your news, Kym. Your mother would be proud that you're coping so well. I hope that the organ donation takes place, best wishes to you and your family. I'll be thinking of you over the coming days. Hazel x

Vanessa (aka V'ness, Nessa, oldschool) said...

my sweet friend!
take all the time you need :)
hugs & thoughts for you & yours

cg said...

I very saddened by this news, but am so pleased that your mom was an organ donor. It is a comfort, in a terrible way. I am without adequate words, but please know that I am sending good wishes to you and your family. We need the support of eachother.

kath said...

so sorry to hear the tragic news kym...sending big hugs kath xxx

Rebecca/Sydney's Sentiments said...

So sorry for your loss. My mother had a similar situation in February. You are in my prayers.

KraftyKoolKat said...

Kym I really feel for you sweetie. I am so sorry to hear this news. As you know I lost my Mum last July and have just lost my Dad in May this year. You and your family are in my thoughts.


Renate said...

I am so thinking of you dear. I will pray for you and your family.

Renate xx

lindah11 said...

im so sorry to hear of your sad loss kym so hard for you all
sending you a gentle hug and my condolences
hugs linda xxxx

Randi WS said...

Sending all my love and prayers to you and your family. Remember that your family will always be the most important in your life <3

Lots of love,
Randi WS

Carole of Brum said...

Oh Kym, have only just seen your post. So sorry about your Mum, what a sad loss for your family. I hope it's a comfort to know someone's health can be helped by her kind donation. Take care now. CoB

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

please don't apologize. grief is not an easy place.

what a beautiful picture. she was a stunning looking woman. i see where you get your looks from!

please know that she is at peace and know that you are always in my prayers.

hugs :)

Anesha said...

So sorry for your loss. Hope that the transplant will go ahead so she will live on. Hugs Anesha

Christine said...

Oh Kym, I have only just seen your post. I am so sorry to read about your Mum. Love and hugs to you and your family and take comfort that she chose to be on the organ transplant register. I hope the transplant goes ahead.
Christine xx

Casper said...

Hiya Kym,

You are in our thoughts and may the Angels comfort you and rest your Soul as they give you Peace.

Take care
Big Hugs

Casper said...

Hiya Kym,
I am so so sorry for your loss!
That picture of your Mum is a fab one and a memory that will carry you through some very dark and tearful Days.
I do know that the organ transplant is important to you and was your MUM's wish to help someone after she was gone - BUT hunny can I just say -
She had the best gift of all and donated a lifetime of memories to you. Nothing can change the place she has in your heart.
No matter if her liver was able to help or not and yes it is a very comforting thought.
Please remember she will always live on in you and her family, a little peice of her is in all of you!
Please do not think I am being insensitive, I lost My Mother in Law on 14th of Feburary this year.
Hold that thought - my own mother abandoned me to a life of pain and still does not care, My Mother in Law was my Gift - MY MOTHER and I miss her so so much.
It all takes time, it all hits home at different points,the disbelief is a wonder, I still can't forget to call her, I still go to call her often on the phone.
My Mother in Law was 86 years old and a lot older than your Mum.
A life as young as your Mum is a shock and very fast too.
The house is one of the hardest things to sort out and avoidance is a great tool too - tried that too.
I really hope you have a great family and the loving support of friends around you.

For you -
Remember those days when?
You were a child Mum hugged you,
Remember those days when you were ill?
Mum Hugged you,
Remember those days when Mum Smiled at you?
Remember those days when Mum Laughed with you?
Remember MUM - always in your Heart,your Dreams and your blood.
The woman was a living Angel sent to nurture you and save you in her arms until you could fly on your own!

You are in our thoughts and may the Angels comfort you and rest your Soul as they give you Peace.

Take care
Big Hugs