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Monday, 3 January 2011

Two Blog Awards

I have just been clearing out a sub-directory in my e-mails and I have found something I should have dealt with - a comment on my blog saying I'd got an award.

My full apologies go to Spyder for not saying thank you or even posting it on my blog.  Click here to have a look at Spyder's blog and also keep a look-out for her wonderful freebie images.  I have full admiration for people that can draw - not like me who can only do stick insect people, Donald Duck's face and a basic Snoopy!!! The award I have been given is the Magical Blog Award.  Unfortunately, on looking most people that I have contact with already have this so I am not sure how to pass this one on.  The blog award came to Spyder from Dawn so why don't you have a visit of Dawn's blog as well.

I have also today received another blog award from Claire, one of my Crafty Ann's Challenge Design Team Members:

This is so nice of you to give me this award.  I have had it already so won't do the process for getting the discount - don't want to get you chucked off their Design Team so early on!!!  CONGRATULATIONS on this by the way.  Click here to go and have a look at Claire's blog.

Thank you both so much for your kindness.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your fabulous awards!! :) So well deserved!! HUGS

Spyder said...

Thank you Kym! I'm worse, I forget and then have to hunt everywhere to find who sent them. Hope you have a fab New Year!! (Lyn)