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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Regular Charity Stall and Charity Donations Update

Well yesterday was time to set up my regular charity stall.  I'm not sure how this year will go there as 55% of all staff moved out of the complex before Christmas to a cheaper to rent place.  It's a blow for the complex, the restaurant where I have the stall and also to me with selling my cards for charity.  I shall have to see how things go but might have to source other places to sell my cards this year.  I won't be good at that as I don't have much self-confidence.  Here is what the stall looked like last night as we left it for the week:

I am using the same charity as last month, Age UK, as I'd like to send them a bigger donation than I have at the moment for them.

Here is a post I did back in December 2009 mentioning that I had made £1,000.07 for different charities in 4 years.  I've now just gone past 5 years and my total is £1,277.90, so I have made £277.83 this year for various different charities, big and small, local and national.  I am so pleased with this and I know the charities appreciate what I do for them from the letters of thanks I get from them.

I would just like to thank everyone that supports me in helping me to raise funds for charities.  That might be:

  • by visiting my blog
  • making comments on my blog
  • for those that run challenge blogs that I can used the cards I make to enter challenges
  • for those that sponsor challenges as without them I would not have received some wonderful items that I've put to good use for my cards
  • for those that put up Blog Candy as I have won a couple of these in 2010
  • for those people that have sent me items to use in my cardmaking.

This has helped me to achieve this amount for charity in 2010 and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

1 comment:

jordiegirl said...

Your stall looks great Kym, I hope you do well with your sales and don't need to look elsewhere.

I couldn't believe that you said you don't have the confidence to look for somewhere else - you make lovely cards and I'm sure anyone/anywhere would be happy for you to sell them for your charities. You do a fabulous job

I wouldn't have the confidence to find somewhere to sell mine although I would love to but I would be upset if I got a negative reaction.