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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Blog Award from Carol (Something Gone Missing)

Today I have received a lovely blog award from Carol over at Something Gone Missing.  I haven't known Carol for long so it is so nice that she has felt she could pass this award onto me.  Thank you.

This blog award is a bit different to the norm as it entitles the recipient to a voucher to spend at Digis with Attitude.  Clear here to read all about it and also to have a look at their lovely digital images.

As part of the blog award I have to tell you three things about me - yikes that's not like me talking about myself - but here goes:

1.  In 1983 I got to the Regional Finals of the Junior Cook of the Year Competition.  Sadly I didn't get any further but it was a wonderful experience.  I had to design a 3 course meal and cook two of the courses in 90 minutes.  My meal was :  Starter - Peanut butter soup; Main course - Baked soul with grapes, duchess potatoes and green beans (but as they were late coming into season the judges allowed me to do a salad instead); Dessert - Apricot and orange delight.  I cooked my main course and dessert.

2.  Even before the cookery competition I knew I wanted to be a chef so after leaving school I went on a YTS.  I did though apply to join the Navy and Air Force when I could and passed all the written and physical exams but due to the constraints on where women were posted I declined to join either.  I did stay in catering but sadly after an accident my catering career ended in 1989 aged 19.

3.  In 1995 I was in hospital for 7 weeks and off sick eleven months after eventually being diagnosed with CFS/ME.  I owe what I am doing now to flicking channels and coming across Dawn Bibby on QVC and eagerly watching her shows each week and that along with Ideal World/Create and Craft on Freeview, starting my blog, meeting fellow bloggers that my cardmaking has taken a positive approach and helped me to get through this hard time and continues to help whilst I struggle to get over this illness/disability.  Dawn Bibby will always have a special place in my heart for getting me through an awful time and I was lucky enough to meet her in her shop for my 40th birthday last year.

Now I have to pass this award onto five other bloggers.  This is hard as there are so many worthy people but this is the five people I have chosen to have Attitude! are:

Karen - well I am the person that pushed them into having a blog - hopefully soon it will have lots of creations on it!!!
MarjyC - yes I am the person to blame for this person having a blog - hopefully soon it will have lots of creations on it!!!

Wishing everyone well.


nnalorac said...

Oh how paths cross! take care. Carol

iReneM said...

Aww, thanks, Kym :-)
Hugs xxx

Spyder said...

me too! stuck in a chair, couldn;t move, and there's Dawn Bibby selling paper on Telly ...couldn't believe it!