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Monday, 12 April 2010

Charity Stall - April 2010

Well we are just back away from a week in Hawes in Yorkshire.  We stayed in a lovely cottage and got to see some wonderful scenery.  I had forgotten on Friday that the charity stall needed setting up so I gave them a call and told them my son would come and set it up this morning which he did for me.  It's a while since he's had to set it up but I think he's done well.  I showed him before he left how to set up the easel cards to try and give some height to the stall.  I have also got a nice "fat" basket of cards that have been donated to me by friends in the crafting/blogging world and also a friend who now has got the contagious crafting bug!!!  Thank you.

I have got to the stage of getting a bit stuck for charities to help.  I try to alternate between local and national ones but as I've been doing this for four years now I sometimes struggle.  I saw Hazel's blog last night (Dido's Designs) and saw a post on there asking for old bras and to follow a link.  I duly did this and saw that Annie and her family have raised £1,300 so far for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.  That's a wonderful achievement.  As we are just back from Yorkshire I think it is fate to pick this as my charity for the next 4-6 weeks or so.  

If you have a charity that is "close to your heart" please get in touch with me including some contact information for the charity eg a website and I will keep a list and work my way through donating to them.


Debbie said...

I love how you have laid this out - good luck with it x

Emma said...

Wow your son did a wonderful job of setting up your stall...it looks fantastic.
So lovely to hear you are helping the YAA too and I have been chatting to Annie recently aswell.
Thank you for supporting me, hugs Emma x