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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Cards for a Friend

A friend is having to do a 60-70 mile round trip each day for 19 days for some hospital treatment.  She can't drive to/from this treatment so is relying on friends/family to do this.  I thought I'd make her some cards that she can give to these people when her treatment is over to say a big thank you to them all.  Some are regular cards, some are easel cards and some are  ???? or what I've called Z cards (I was putting the easel cards together and instead of using it like a tent fold as the proper easel I just like them stood on their side which actually looks like a Z.  No doubt these have some "proper" name so if you know please let me know).  They are all from items that already had and aren't too ornate as I'd never have the time to do that many but I've used decoupage, gems, card candy, sentiments from the computer etc and I hope she likes them.


iReneM said...

You've been so busy again, Kym.
Such a kind thought and a wonderful selection :-)
Wishing your friend
'All the best'...I'm sure she will be delighted with these.


Beryl said...

What a lovely thought to make these for your friend to give. I'm sure she'll be thrilled - as will the people who get them. I can't believe how well Mt Blogger is behaving this evening. He's not frozen once and I think I've caught up with everything since I was here last. Hope you are keeping well.
Beryl xx