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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Card for my Brother-in-Law

No, I haven't made all these cards today - it's just the fact that I've taken photos of them today and then posted on here.

On Sunday I spoke to my brother-in-law.  He asked me if I'd forgotten something recently and I said "no".  He asked about his birthday but I said I'd posted his card a week or so before half-term but it turns out it never arrived.  Needless to say I felt awful but it might be at a bottom of a pile during the strikes so I said I'd make him another one.  It's nice that my cards are longed for enough to be missed!!!

I couldn't remember what card I'd made for him and I don't tend to take photos of all family ones so decided to make him a card one from the Card Kits for Men CD that I have got.  This card will be off to Herefordshire tomorrow and I just hope this one doesn't get lost!!!

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