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Monday, 31 August 2009

Craft Event Today

I'm back from the Open Day at Knuston Hall in Rushden. It was cold to start off with this morning but then it became hotter and hotter and hotter and the crowds became bigger and bigger and people were sitting on the grass outside the marque.

What an earth shattering day talking/concentrating for that length of time. People weren't generally interested in seeing demos and a lot didn't even look at the stall. I heard some comments about people buying cheaper in town but I said nothing like a good little girl but it did upset me. I'd certainly not say something like that in front of people. In the end I sold £35 worth of cards/bookmarks/gift tags so £17.40 went to Knuston for Macmillan Nurses and £17.40 came to me.

There was a good mix of cards sold but I sold three cats from the Colour my World template and one sheep from another template I'd got. One card I could have sold 4 times over as three people came back for a second look and it was gone - it was a beautiful scene invertage from Sharon Duncan's Flowers Just for You that I won recently.

It was certainly an experience and it helped knowing you were there by my side literally. I have put some photos of the event above in case anyone is interested. Thanks for all your good wishes.


coldwaters2 said...

Oh Kym I am so thrilled that you did so well the stall looks excellent and you have done a wonderful job. I was thinking of you and wish I could have been with you. People who say things that are not nice aren't worth bothering about they do not understand the energy and love that has gone into the whole event and I am afraid I wouldn't have been as good as you lol.
I think you have done marvellous well done,

Lorraine x

Lilacanglia said...

Hiya Kim,

Wow you did end up good then,
I am so glad, and you did well for your charity,

Beryl (bik59) said...

Lovely photos Kym, so sorry to hear that people weren't interested. It's horrible when you hear people say such things, especially after all the hard work that goes into our cards. At least you sold some and those you did sell will certainly be appreciated
Beryl x

Chrissie said...

Thanks for the update Kym!
Glad you sold some cards, but what a shame that people have to make these comments when they obviously have no idea what's involved in making cards.
I do think these affairs are sometimes useful for a chance to see what type of thing seems to be most popular.

KraftyKoolKat said...

Well done Kym your stall looks fantastic. Glad you had good sales and take no notice of people if they make rude comments.
Cathy xxxx

iReneM said...

Crikey!! Just look at that 'stall'.
I wish I'd had time to come over to see you, I would have spent ages admiring your cards.
I'm sure i wouldn't have been able to resist buying either!
Shame you didn't sell more but it must have been a good experience.
Well done, Kym


Lisa aka Allissa said...

aww bless yer hun.Good on you! glad you had a busy day& well done for the funds you raised.
Sorry I have not been over sweetie been so biz with all the blogs & have only just gone on to my creative banners and found your message. My brain is terrible..its not that I am being iggy I just cannot always remember...im a bit like a donkey..need a swift kick up the rear lol.

Re the snide comments my darlin...you did the best thing and bit your tongue..these people have NO idea about Craft at all...very shallow people and in my mind if there are not prepared to pay the price for someone they want to send a card to then...let them go n pay 35p down the town for them. Sad isn't it...but they are in a different planet to us crafters and hold on to that babes....take a deep breath in future and rise above knowing what quality you produce.

God Bless hun.
Contact me if you still would like your banner sweetie.