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Saturday, 16 May 2009

What a nightmare of a card!!!!

A friend at work asked me to make her a card for her boss so I agreed.  I knew I had it to do today but I wish all the things that went wrong hadn't!!!  As he likes wine I bought in the Arty Farty template.  I find following instructions quite difficult with my illness so despite the template maybe being easy for some it certainly tested me today with my concentration.  Before sticking the box together I thought I'd edge with a gold Pen touch pen - wrong idea - I mustn't have shaked it enough as in one place I had to do a repair job as it came out greasy.  Then as I'd edged the box with the deckle edged scissors the pen caught an edge and flicked colour all over the front of my box and one side ahhhhhhhhh - this then meant I had to cover the box throughout so had to go searching on the computer for something suitable so I used a Funky Fairy download of a brown swirl pattern.  Had awful time then trying to finish off the box and finishing off the card but hopefully it doesn't look too bad for a Consultant to receive.


Max said...

Oh Kym ... isn't it awful when a seemingly good idea goes wrong and in an effort to repair the damage you end up in even more of a pickle? Looks like you managed to fix things though ... so well done! I think I would've probably given up.


PS: Thanks for the info' about photobucket ... am still getting a maintenance message when I try to log in ... sigh ... so my blog facelift will have to wait a while longer LOL!

Chrissie said...

Wow Kym, you've been busy! This card looks fab, so all worth it in the end!
Love the Mikey cards too, clever girl!

coldwaters2 said...

Kym despite the problems you stuck with it and have produced on brilliant card well done.

Lorraine x