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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Commissioned Card for a Man's Aunt

My husband came home with an order for a card for me to make for Tuesday - yikes.  The customer had written down:  budgies, British Airways planes and crazy painted nails and as much detail as possible.  I've spent countless hours on it today on-and-off only to do the final sticking together and my husband says have you got the planes and nails on it - I was led to believe it was one of them and not all three but I've had a go.  The customer has cards at his place of work and showed my husband the things he likes.  Hopefully I've managed to finish it so the customer is happy - I'll find out on Tuesday.  I'm not sure the inside of the front cover of the card on the front of the card - an idea I pinched from the every popular and talented Michelle Marsden - it might change before Tuesday or it might not!!!!  I have used My Craft Studio to make the majority of this card.

I found this card very hard as I don't like birds - I whince in a square in town nicknamed "pigeon Square" when the pigeons start flying around!!!


Rita said...

My goodness Kym, that was a lot of work I bet. But you must be so pleased with the outcome, its beautiful. Well Done. Hugs Rita xxxx

Anonymous said...

aahhh lovely cards kym
carol x

Beryl said...

I wish someone had made me a card like that when I was breeding birds (budgies included). A very specialised card and you've done it so well.
Beryl xx

jem said...

these are great, no I mean really great, you really rose to the challenge, I'm terrified of budgies well all birds, each to thier own. Seat dancing to your top tunes while hubby is watching man u v barca , like I sad each to there own. come visit my blog beryl often does. janex