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Saturday, 27 September 2008

All my craft stuff moved

I had a brain-wave the other week to put all my unmounted rubber stamps into CD cases so that I can easily access them. My husband was going to make me a little shelf but in the end I remembered I'd given one to one of my sons and he didn't use it. He allowed me to have it back so my husband wanted to put it on the wall on Thursday so I had to remove some things. I'd also mentioned that the coffee table which houses a lot of stuff was feeling a bit wobbly so he strengthened that as well. This meant I had to completely removed everything off it so it could be done. This is a picture of the dining room table with everything on. It's now all back in place as he did the work need. I've just got to sort out the rest of the stamps into cases that I've now bought as I'd run out of recycling cases from audio CDs that are in a case in the car. At least I should be able to find things better when sorted and that might encourage me to do more stamping - or I might do the other kind of stamping with my feet!!!!

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Debbie said...

Oh I love looking at other peoples stash - I have that purple wheely tote - except in blue. Good idea for the stamp storage and definitely get stamping more.