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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Colemans Warehouse - 29 September 2007

On 29 September I went to the Colemans Warehouse in Rushden as Nancy from Ideal World/Joanna Sheen Forum was demonstrating, to possibly meet other crafters from Forums and also to look for pressies for my birthday. Unfortunately, just after we left our driveway we were involved in a RTA so when I arrived at Colemans I started feeling crook so didn't stay as long as I would have liked. I really enjoyed meeting Nancy and her daughter Mia and also some Sheenies and a Scissor Sister member.


Dawn said...

very interesting reading Kym, keep it up. Lovely cards as well.

Em's Blog said...

Sorry you couldn't stay as long as intended.. really hope you're feeling better now xx

Kaz said...

that's a shame you had an accident and couldn't stay as long as you wanted, but nice you got to meet other crafters from forums etc. glad you at least managed a wee while out.
Kaz xx

Em's Blog said...

Thanks for you kind comment Kym :o) Hope you're feeling better now and your toes are healing well

Em xxxx

Spyder said...

Oh wow Kym, what a fabulous picture, definitely the Crafting Queen of Create and craft! And how did I come here, a time trip to 2007!?? Those mysterious links on my blog that's how, they are sooo useful!!